Objective of the Foundation



The purpose of the foundation is  a safe and healthy work environment where unwanted manners are handled visibly and sustainable employment is encouraged.


The Foundation

It tries to accomplish her objective inter alia by offering the smartphone app of AWH, Report. This app makes doing a report of unwanted manners – which should be described in the psychosocial workload policy- approachable.


By using the Report App a report can be made of unwanted behavior in the workplace and by means of a logbook potential evidence can be collected. The objective of the Report App is to contribute to a healthy and safe work environment, for both the employer as the employees. By using the Report App risk areas within the organization can be indicated.


The smartphone app ensures a correct and independent follow-up of the report by a professional.

The Foundation offers support to the users of the Report App. For instance when a counsellor (internal or external) is being pulled back by the employer. Or when the complainant is not being supported correctly. The develpment of Report has taken AWH four years and all aspects of infoming and reporting have been taken into consideration.




The counsellors

The Foundation has vast experienced counsellors who can advise you in every possible way. Are you being whistled back as a counsellor or didn’t a counsellor assist you correctly when you reported unwanted behavior? Fred and Fatima can immediately help you!


Here’s a short introduction of both


Fatima Chehlaoui

Being a counsellor is a profession itself. In the position of counsellor (LVV, nr 28) I instantly knew I wanted to make a difference. More visibility of the counsellor, legal protection and more attention for appropriate policies against unwanted behavior and manners. My passion for this subject has ensured that I want to keep developing myself in this beautiful and grateful discipline. With my great empathic power and reliability I create a safe basis on which I treat people non-judgmentally. Offering a sympathetic ear and solution oriented coaching are my focal points. I dare to leave the beaten track, where I focus on long-term changes and solutions. With my intercultural sensitivity and interest in human and social themes, I’m able to adapt to different audiences, case studies and situations. This makes me as a counsellor very accessible and widely employable.

Fred Julio

Fred Julio is 55 years old, married and has 2 kids. I’m a counsellor since 2007. As a counsellor I was a board member for several years of the Dutch Association of Counsellors (LVV, nr 100912). Currently I’m in the Performance Review Commission of the LVV. This commission investigates complaints against counsellors. I’m also the permanent back-up of several external counsellors. My motto is: “Equality, Freedom and Fraternity”. Every person deserves respect, equal treatment and a safe work environment.


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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of the Report App belongs to Karin Bosman (AWH) and is protected since 2015, deposited at i-Depot



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