Confidential Counter


The objective of the confidential counter is to protect all parties involved with the Report App. These are the complainant, the internal or external counsellor and the organization itself.

Surely if an organization offers the Report App to its employees, she may expect that all parties involved are encouraged to tackle all unwanted behavior to ensure a safe and healthy work environment in which sustainable employment should be central.

About the confidential counsellor or professional

Counsellor internal and external are sometimes ‘called back’ by the employer. For internal counsellors this happens in 10% of the cases and for external counsellors this is 23%.

A case of unwanted behavior can be complex and every case stands on its own. The Foundation offers the counsellor / professional a reporting point in case of malpractices.

For the counsellor or professional

Within the Foundation very experienced and well certified counsellors are available to offer professional assistance, if needed, with the follow-up of a report. The Foundation encourages all professionals to share the malpractices.

For the complainant

The foundation encourages the complainant to report malpractices in the follow-up of a report. The very experienced and certified counsellors of the Foundation can give advice to the complainant about other options to de-escalate the situation.



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