Many employees experience difficulties filing a complaint of unwanted or transgressive behavior in the workplace. This is one of the main reasons why a report is not being received by a confidential counsellor. Practice shows that documenting the experiences of unwanted behavior by an employee often doesn't happen. From research we know that many employees are often not well informed about what can be considered as unwanted behavior and how, when and to whom they can report in a safe way, which ensures the complaint is being handled in a timely manner. Taking a clear stance against workplace harassment as an organizations is now possible with the Report App.

Strength of the Report App

The information

With the information that is offers in a new and fresh way we create not only awareness, but also resilience. We’d love to see people think about their personal and professional boundaries in their behavior within the grey area. The offered information within the app has a preventive effect. This information is ‘vivid’, this means it is constantly moving and new knowledge and insights are shared.

The logbook

By offering the option of a logbook with a secured surrounding, employees will start using it. The input can’t be ‘lying around’. Furthermore retaining a logbook can be very important if we speak about burden of proof. But mainly it’s also a supporting tool in the building towards making a report. The encouragement the report the unwanted behavior without fear.

The report

How and with who the report is done, is determined by the complainant. He or she is always in control of the report. The App’s dashboard creates an overview for the counselor / professional. At a glance there is an overview of new, open and resolved reports.


The Report App is available in all necessary languages.

Who is cooperating

Every employee is asked to download this independent information and reporting point, the functional app. But how do we make sure that the employees will actually do so, this is a very logical question. The Foundation has taken this question into account when creating the Report App. This resulted into three points benefit, fun and social environment.

The benefit of downloading the app can be very easily explained by a company with the comparison of driving your car with or without being insured. The fun aspect is in the way the information and instructions about unwanted manners are shown.

For the subject of sexual harassment the Foundation cooperates with Time’s Up, the image and video material makes the subject negotiable. Last aspect is the social environment.

The Foundation creates (social) media attention for the app which makes the employees curious and encourages them to download the app. Furthermore the content is such interesting that employees will start talking about it with each other which also encourages people to download the app.

Demo and introduction of the Report App within the organization

Demonstrations of the Report App can be requested via the contact page. During this presentation also the communication advice and possibilities via the Foundation are shown on how to introduce the Report App. Also the employees who need help finding their way will not be forgotten, the Foundation has a specific workshop and kick-off meeting.



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