How does the Report App work

The Report App

is an independent information and reporting point whereby an organization immediately clarifies her point of view towards unwanted manners in the workplace.

The Report App

Can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, where also without a login you can get an impression of how the information about unwanted manners is presented. However, for using the Report App a unique login is required which can only be obtained if the app is offered by the employer. The employer takes a subscription for its employees, whereby the organization offers information and instructions about transgressive behavior, in a new and active way. With the app’s dashboard the counsellor / professional can act internal or external on the report.

The Report App offers information to employees 24/7

About aggression / violence, discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment

Subjects that are mentioned within this theme are when is it unwanted behavior, what does the grey area mean and can I make a report as a bystander. The app mostly uses images and videos (tutorial and storytelling), the written explanations are limited.

About the logbook

Why is it important and how do I use it, can I also use it as a diary.

About the report

When do I make a report, can I also do that as a bystander and not only as a victim, what happens with my report and where does it end up, what can I expect having done a report, what is the desired effect of reporting unwanted behavior, can I make a report directly to the counsellor of my choice or to the complaints committee. Explanation about how early reporting can ensure de-escalation.

About the company stance

Every company that offers the Report App to its employees can supply its policy within the app. These documents will be uploaded by the Foundation of the Report App. Furthermore the counsellor / professional can introduces itself to the employees in the app, where the Foundation prefers to do so by means of a video. The visibility of the counsellor / professional is an important element when we speak of a low threshold.


The Report App offers the user a very safe surrounding for monitoring the behavior which is experienced as unwanted. After having received the unique login code, the user can create a password, a PIN and a profile. You can compare it with a Banking App. The user determines how and when he or she is contacted. The complainant is always in control of the report.The data storage of the Report App occurs to the set standards. The App’s producer is certified for these standards. This information can be acquired via our contact page.

The report

The internal or external counsellor / professional receives the report via the organizations dashboard. To keep a low threshold for doing a report, the Report App offers several options within the report. A good example is that the complainant can chose which counselor receives the report, which means that it is a report only accessible for that specific counselor. Furthermore there is the possibility to report directly to the companies complaints committee.


Based on the reports a counselor can make periodically depersonalized analysis reports of the unwanted manners within the company. This can be an analysis per department, function, type of unwanted behavior, etc. This than can be used for the annual reporting / advice the counselor has to make to inform the company’s management team or board of directors. This is a very qualitative risk analysis for the psychosocial workload policy.



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